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Reservation for Champagne cruise in Paris

The sparkling cruise tickets for sale on our site include a Paris river cruise and a gift basket containing a half-bottle of champagne and two glasses. Important: The gourmet cruise is designed for couples. If you would like to book a cruise for more than two people, please choose an even number. The champagne basket (known as the “Bag”) is distributed at the “Bar” on the floating dock, after the turnstiles.

Times and durations

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49 €

Times and durations

High season (April to September)

Departures approximately every 30 mins between 10am and 10.30pm.

Low season (October to March)

Departures approximately every 40 mins between 11am and 9.20pm. Additional departure at 10.15am on weekends.

Cruise lasts approximately 1 hour 10 mins.