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The best boats in Paris

Jean BRUEL welcomes you to his stunning fleet

Jean BRUEL had already imagined how the 15 boats making up today’s fleet would look; all glass and light.
All the boats contain the latest equipment and cutting edge technology. To make sure you get the most out of visiting our beautiful capital, all our boats are renovated and decorated regularly so they remain up-to-date and on-trend, and also include a restaurant, several decks and a 360° view.

Le Zouave de l’Alma

Boat Le Zouave de l’Alma

Out of the Pont de l’Alma’s four original statues, only “le Zouave” by Georges Diébolt remains. Today it is used as a “scale” for measuring the river Seine’s floods.

Capacity: Lunch and dinner: 140 places - Cocktail: 240 places / Can be privately booked

La Patache

Boat La Patache

This name comes from a customs boat that was used for “living the high life”.

Capacity: Lunch and dinner: 350 places - Cocktail: 400 places / Can be privately booked

Le Jean-Bruel

Boat Le Jean-Bruel

The name pays tribute to the founder of Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches®, Mr. Jean Bruel

Capacity: Lunch and dinner: 300 places - Cocktail: 320 places / Can be privately booked

Le Jean-Sébastien Mouche

Boat Le Jean-Sébastien Mouche

Born out of PR stunt imagined by Jean Bruel, Jean-Sébastien Mouche is a famous imaginary character, who is supposed to have invented the Bateaux-Mouches.

Capacity: Lunch and dinner: 185 Places

La Gabarre

Boat La Gabarre

Taken from the name of large traditional goods transporters, “la Gabarre” is the largest and most powerful boat in the Bateaux Mouches fleet

Capacity: Lunch and dinner: 500 places - Cocktail: 600 places / Can be privately booked


Boat L'espoir

L’Espoir is one of the Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches’ most iconic boats.

Capacity - Outside: 416 places / Inside: 286 Places

Le Coche d’eau

Boat Le Coche d’eau

This name comes from the riverboats that once transported passengers.

Capacity - Outside: 699 places / Inside: 137 Places

La Galiote

Boat La Galiote

This name was used to indicate sea-going vessels but was also used for riverboats.

Capacity - Outside: 616 places / Inside: 227 Places


Boat L’Hirondelle

Les hirondelles, meaning swallows, were old steamboats that allowed passengers to be transported along certain waterways.

Capacity - Outside: 512 places / Inside: 624 Places

Le Mulet Coureau

Boat Le Mulet Coureau

This name traditionally referred to flat-bottomed boats with a tilting mast that enabled them to pass underneath bridges.

Capacity - Outside: 726 places / Inside: 120 Places

La Flûte

Boat La Flûte

Former dutch cargo ship, this ship, optimised for transportation, contributed to the rise of maritime trade in the Netherlands

Capacity - Outside: 660 places / Inside: 256 Places