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Paris dinner cruise

Paris dinner cruise

The sun sets and night falls over Paris, the flagship Jean-Sébastien Mouche casts off its moorings and the harbour slowly drifts away. You are about to experience an extraordinary dinner cruise with the company Bateaux Mouches® … The city of lights slowly unveils itself as you softly slip by along the shimmering waters of the Seine. The mood is romantic, the magic is in force...You are the actors in a wonderful play, played only for you. The sophisticated menu echos the extraordinary setting, displaying culinary flair, governed by excellence. This dinner cruise will be remembered as one of the most special moments of your stay in Paris.


This service is available every evening. It includes a magnificent night-time cruise during which you will enjoy a romantic dinner with musical accompaniment. We offer two menu choices: Prestige and Excellence. 

Other cruises on the Seine

As well as dinner, Bateaux Mouches® also provide lunch cruises or simple boat tours to explore Paris from the Seine.