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Dinner menu - 6pm early bird Service

What could be better than starting your evening by exploring Paris from an enchanting setting? Amongst friends, as a family or as a couple, dine in classic French style and enjoy the magical spectacle of the Seine river and the monuments that run along its banks, at this special time of day, as night beings to fall. 


Price 79.00 € / person
37.00 € / child


  • Boarding: Pont de l’Alma, Port de la conférence - Paris 8th
  • Boarding: 5.30pm
  • Depart 5.50pm and return to harbour at 7.15pm
  • Cruise duration 1 hour 15 mins

Menu details



  • Block of duck foie gras and toasted baguettine
  • Caesar salad with smoked salmon and anchovy cream
  • Cream of carrot soup with coconut milk *


  • Haunch of veal, grated potato with herbs and spiced jus
  • Fillet of salmon, sautéed vegetables and dill cream
  • Crozets pasta, crispy vegetables and carrot and coriander jus *

Cheese or desserts

  • Duo of cheeses
  • Bourdaloue pear tart in a glass *
  • Black Forest gateau (wild cherries in Kirsch)
  • Forest gateau (wild cherries in Kirsch) Choux pastry profiterole

Tea or Coffee

  • Coffee or tea


  • (1 bottle for 2 persons)
  • Mouton Cadet
  • Bordeaux Agneau
  • 1 bottle of Evian (75 cl) for 2 persons
  • Or 1 soft drink (25 cl) for 1 person
  • (Any supplementary order will be at additional cost)


  • Skewer of nuggets
  • Chicken supreme and mashed butternut squash
  • Choux pastry profiterole
  • * Vegetarian


  • French Cuisine
  • Free parking
  • Air Conditioning
  • Formal dress code makes this a special evening for you and everyone on board

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